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  • Proyecto Mexico Estudiantes estan construyendo en Mexico (galería de fotos - participaba Anja)

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aquí una escuela de música en Ocotlan, Oaxaca (2 meses de trabajo)
mas información sobre el proyecto (miren en la pestaña "Projekte")

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documentos sobre las técnicas en la construcción en adobe:

  • Lehm.pdf
  • Abstract:
    The research work at hand is application–oriented. To develop a low cost, simple constructed and earthquake resistant residential house for the earthquake region Oaxaca in Mexico investigations in different fields are made. The survey of simple cottages in the region of Oaxaca documents construction style and
    structural damage. The potential to gain a higher level of construction was figured out for the adobe style buildings. With material tests in the laboratory the use of sisal-fibre-ropes as reinforcement of the bed joint is tested and optimized. The load-bearing capacity of sisal-fibre-ropes reinforced and unreinforced adobe is evaluated. With a dynamic analysis by use of the finite element method and the computer program Sofisitk (Sofitik AG, Oberschleißheim) the earthquake resistance of single floor adobe buildings is shown. Use of struttings and a limitation of dimensions are recommended. Based on established design rules an example of an adobe house shows the design and the way of construction.

  • (centro de Investigación Habitat y Energía CIHE, SI / Instituto de arte americano IAA / FADU, UBA - BsAs 2007)
construcción con tierra 1

Publicacion 1.pd
construcción con tierra 2

Publicacion 2.pdf
construcción con tierra 3

Publicación 3.pdf

vínculos sobre las técnicas en la construcción en adobe:

  • http://www.uni-terra.org/ uni-terra is a networking platform for the global exchange of information, experience and know-how in earth architecture and building with earth at an academic level. Its aim is to promote knowledge transfer between academics and practitioners alike, to support the development of expertise in the field and to ensure its long-term sustainability for future generations.


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